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Ten Security Rules

A few tips for even greater security. Or what to watch out for

1. Be careful when using Internet banking

Use Internet banking only on computers and networks you can trust. 
Log into the Expobanking Internet banking system only from your computer or smartphone, never from public computers, Internet cafés, or other unknown devices.
Ideally, connect to the Internet using mobile data provided by your phone company or through trusted, non-public Wi-Fi networks.

2. Choose a secure, strong password

Your Expobanking password should be unique. You should not use the same password for other purposes. The password should be regularly changed.
A sufficiently strong password should have at least 12 characters, and it should be a combination of digits, letters, and other symbols (!, *, etc.).
Always protect your login number and password!
Do not reveal your password to anyone, including your family members and colleagues at work.

3. Beware of unknown links and fraudulent e-mails

Ignore and delete e-mails and messages with a suspicious title or content, received from unknown senders.
Never open their attachments and do not click on links to unknown websites or links contained in suspicious e-mails.
Use adequate spam protection with your e-mail account.

4. Protect your computer and mobile telephone with an antivirus program

Regularly update your operating system and Internet browser using official sources only. Never install programs from unverified sources.

5. Be cautious when buying goods and services over the Internet

When shopping online, be careful and read other users' reviews. Be careful when entering and saving payment card data in merchants' systems. 

6. Media use

Do not connect unknown media to your computer or mobile phone, such as USB flash disks, CDs, DVDs.

7. Entry of personal data

Never enter your personal data, login data, user name, PIN code, or password in response to an e-mail you receive. Expobank never asks you to provide these personal data during electronic communication!

8. Expobank website security

Always make sure that you're entering the correct, secured Expobank website. Our website is only at:

9. Be cautious when using your payment card

Always keep your payment card on you or in a safe place. Keep the PIN code strictly confidential, do not record it, and do not disclose it to anyone to prevent skimming.
Skimming is a fraudulent method for copying data from the magnetic strip on your card using a reading device without your knowledge. Data obtained this way are subsequently used to make a counterfeit card. Skimming can happen not only at ATM machines, but also when you pay in bars, restaurants, and at gas stations.

10. Contact Expobank

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, call the Expobank line immediately at 800 700 800. If you receive a suspicious fraudulent e-mail that creates the impression to have been sent from Expobank, we'd appreciate if you forward it to us at