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Saving with us is
a piece of cake

Saving always pays off.
The more so with our NEO account

NEO Account

Saving always pays off.  Especially with our NEO account and its annual interest rate of 4.61 %! It’s a combination of a savings and a current account with a number of other benefits! Save smartly, save with a NEO account!

What benefits will you get with a NEO account?

  • Annual interest rate 4,61 %

  • NEW vertical card

  • ATM withdrawals in the Czech Republic and abroad FREE OF CHARGE

  • Our account is FREE OF CHARGE

  • Protect of your money abroad via DCC blocking

  • Easy payments with GooglePay

  • Manage FinTech partners from one place

TIP: Open a NEO account and get a head start on saving any amount with an interest rate of 4.61 % p.a. Get an opportunity to invest in interesting Czech projects.

NEO account - It will only take you 7 minutes to open
an account

IQ MAXI deposit

We guarantee a return for the entire term deposit period of 1 year at a rate of up to 5.51 % p.a. Important notice: you will know in advance how much yield the IQ Maxi deposit will bring in, as well as the exact date when the funds will be available. In addition, you can choose the deposit period at your discretion.

TIP: How to acquire a term deposit interest rate of up to 5.51 % p.a.? Step 1: Open a NEO current account Step 2: Log in to internet banking “Expobanking”. Step 3: Establish an IQ Maxi deposit with an interest rate of up to 5.51 % p.a.

Other benefits:

  • Opening and maintenance of a NEO account and term deposit FREE OF CHARGE

  • Guaranteed return for the entire deposit period

  • Your funds are 100% insured up to EUR 100,000

  • You can choose a deposit period of either 6 months or 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years

  • IQ MAXI deposit can be established in CZ, EUR and USD

  • This term deposit interest rates can be found HERE

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