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the right move

Shift your loan in the right direction. Loan refinancing is for 4.88 % p.a.

Representative example

Total loan amount:      CZK 300,000.00
Monthly repayment:         CZK 4,815.00

If the due repayment conditions are not met, the fixed interest rate is 10.99 % p.a. and APR is 11.57 % p.a., repayment period is 93 months and total amount due is CZK 446,716. If the due repayment conditions are met, we will arrange for an early loan repayment and provide an interest rate discount, which will amount to 4.88 % p.a.

Example of due repayment
Fixed interest rate: 4.88 % p.a.
Repayment period: 72 months
APR: 5.14 % p.a.
Total amount due: CZK 346,680.00

Terms of due repayment
It's pretty simple. The only rule is not to be late with any of the 72 instalments by more than 10 calendar days. After the due repayment of the 72nd instalment, we will repay the rest of the loan, so it will cost you only 4.88 % p.a.

The maximum interest rate is 10.99 % p.a.
*This is not a proposal to conclude a contract.

All it takes is a few simple steps

It has never been easier
Thanx to modern technologies you can do it fully remotely. The only thing you will need is an identity card and a mobile phone. In a few clicks you will see how much you can save. After you decide to confirm the conditions and sign the contract remotely, we take personal charge of everything else.

Crystal-clear conditions
We do not use the "interest rate starting from", we have one rate for all clients and it only depends on whether they meet the simple rules for due repayment. And as a cherry on top – there is no early repayment fee, no arrangement fee, no maintenance fee.

Wish only for the best ...
Our goal is to reach out to clients with an excellent payment morale and offer them the best conditions. Within the price you won’t have to bankroll large branch networks and poorly paying clients or cover astronomical marketing costs. You will get the best account on the market, the NEO účet, with lots of attractive benefits, completely free of charge. The NEO account will serve for the loan repayment. No predatory practices, we strive for the best possible clients’ assessment, including, in particular, within the responsible lending index .

Refinancing requirements

Interest rate
The only cost associated with the Expobank loan is the interest rate, which is the same for each client. If the due repayment conditions are not met, the maximum interest rate is set to 10.99 % p.a. In case the due repayment conditions are met, the discount-based interest rate amounts to 4.88 % p.a.

Each client will get a NEO account, currently the most advantageous account on the Czech market according to, for loan repayment, completely free of charge.

Refixo service - there are no fees associated with transferring loans to Expobank - we do not charge an arrangement fee, maintenance fee or early repayment fee.

NEO account - It will only take you 7 minutes to open
an account

What is Refixo?

We’d like to offer the best conditions to all clients with good payment morale. Refixo is a service by means of which you can improve conditions of one or several credit products. Loans, credit card debts and overdrafts can be merged and transferred to Expobank CZ. Designing this product, we sought to make your experience as convenient as possible and -with the use of currently available technologies - make it completely paperless. For us as a digital bank any other solution has been inconceivable. :) We wanted everyone who duly repaid their loans to be given a chance to find out if the loan conditions could get better. Try it for yourself and see if we succeeded. Don’t forget to share your experience with us so we can continue to improve.

Repayment delay
In case of past due loan repayment, we will surcharge an interest on arrears in the statutory amount – i.e. currently it amounts to 13.75 % p.a. We will first notify you of the unpaid instalment free of charge via SMS and we will try to contact you by phone. If the instalment is not paid even on the 15th day after the due date, we will send you a reminder by post charged CZK 300. We will send the second reminder on the 30th and 45th day past due, on the 65th day we will send you the last invitation before sending the entire loan. These reminders are also charged 300 CZK.

In case you get into an unexpected emergency situation, in which you may have a problem repaying the loan, it is always best to contact us at 800 700 800, or at least fill out the form here.

Is there anything else you would like to know?

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