Open a NEO Account and get
an increased bonus of CZK 500

Open a NEO Account with us and forward up the recommendation. For each client brought in you both will receive a bonus of CZK 500.
You can recommend up to 50 new clients to us and get a referral bonus up to CZK 25 000.

How to get a bonus?

It's easy! Open a NEO Account with us and then log in to your Internet banking. Click on the “Recommendations” banner and share your unique link with a short text with your friends. You can use e-mail, WhatsApp, Twitter or SMS for sharing.

Why a NEO Account?

  • we will increase value of your savings with a fair interest rate of 0.25% p.a.
  • the account is free of charge
  • free withdrawals from ATMs in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • better protection of your money abroad thanks to the option of blocking the Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) transactions
  • you can manage services of fintech partners from one place

Conditions for receiving a referral bonus in three steps:

  1. A new client recommended by you will open a NEO Account via the sent code/link generated in the course of the campaign from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 and apply for a payment card.

  2. After opening a NEO Account, the new client will transfer sufficient funds to the account in order to be able to pay by a card.

  3. After receiving a payment card, the client will activate it and make the first payment with this card no later than 2 calendar months following the month of opening a NEO Account. For the purposes of this campaign, a payment is considered to be a card payment at the merchant's terminal or on the Internet, but not an ATM usage.

As soon as the new client recommended by you meets all the conditions, we will perform an inspection (every working day by 6 pm) and will credit to both of your NEO Accounts a referral bonus within 2 days at the latest. Please note that only the recommended client who has never been in any contractual relationship with Expobank or has never received a reward for opening an account in the past, can receive the bonus.

Detailed conditions of this marketing campaign can be found HERE.

We reserve the right to change the terms of this marketing campaign at any time, including changing its duration. We will publish information on possible changes to the campaign on our website in the section “Product Terms and Conditions for NEO Account”.

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