Beat inflation by investing in precious metal

Invest in gold and silver directly from your Neo account - only 3 clicks

We are now giving 1,000 investment-grade coins FREE!

The bonus is offered to the first 1,000 clients who sign a Golden Savings agreement with a minimum monthly deposit of CZK 1,500 and five-year savings term. 

Conditions of the Golden Savings Marketing Campaign (CZ)

Three pure reasons why invest into gold

Stability and security

Gold is the most stable and secure commodity, recognized as a currency worldwide.

Rising value

Gold is resistant to inflation and market fluctuations, and its value continues to grow.

Always under control

Gold bars, bullion, or coins you buy will be always under your control through Internet banking.

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What can you buy?




How does it work?

Open NEO account. You can do it in a few minutes. All you need to do is fill in:

Contact information


Login data


Legal information


Sign the account agreement using an SMS text message

To be able to open an account online without having to visit a branch, you also have to ...

Upload a copy of your personal identification card

Upload a second document (driver's license or passport)

Upload an account statement

Send CZK 1 to your new NEO account

That's all! All you have to do now is to activate the option to buy cryptocurrencies through our partner

Czech Mint

We have exactly the same prices, you do not pay any brokerage commission!

Informace k poskytované službě Česká mincovna

Why valorize money through us?

Transport to
your address
or branch

Money transfer
from NEO account

Same prices
in the Czech Mint

coins and ingots

We have a lot of other ways how to valorize your money!!

Savings account

Shares and bonds



All about gold

About gold with Czech Mint

How are coins and bricks produced?

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