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Investment in precious metals through our partner Czech Mint

  • One-time or regular purchase of coins
  • Purchase of investment gold

  • Home delivery of purchased products

  • Money-transfer directly from a NEO account

  • Selection from a wide range of products

  • The same prices as in the Czech Mint

What are precious metals?

Precious metals is a designation for elements made from precious metals and their alloys. In earlier times they were used as currency. Now they are used for making coins, jewelry and as a store of value. Precious metals are represented by gold and silver.

One-time purchase

Long-term protection against inflation. Exempt from taxation

The price of gold always changes, so one-time purchase might be made at a bad time.

Regular savings

Long-term protection against inflation. Exempt from taxation

With a regular investment, price fluctuations are averaged so your money gain a long-term appreciation.

What is made of precious metals?




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