Use the services of our fintech partners

With a NEO account you can use the services of our partners such as Fundlift - group investment, Portu - passive investment in shares and funds and Czech Mint - one-time or regular purchase of precious metal coins, medals and bars.

What partners and services can you find with us?

See a list of our external partners whose services and products you can access from your internet banking


A group investing, in which a number of individuals finance a specific company. These are Czech companies of various specializations - breweries, restaurants, shops, manufacturing companies and others.

Czech Mint

One-time or regular sale of coins, medals and bars made of precious metals and their subsequent home delivery to the buyer.


Passive investing in stocks and funds using artificial intelligence according to a pre-selected strategy.


Long-term travel insurance for our NEO account from our partner.

What benefits will you get with a NEO account?

To receive fintech services, you can also register directly with the relevant partners, but you must fill out a registration form at each of them, as well as go through verification of identity and creditworthiness. At Expobank you have the opportunity to use the services of all our partners in one place, and as a bonus you will get an excellent bank account.

A unique bank account

Control all investments from one place through our fintech partners



and more...


In the field of ​​investments, we also cooperate with the companies listed below. By following the links, you will find the Key Information for Investors pursuant to Act No. 240/2013 Coll., On Investment Companies and Investment Funds, as amended.

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