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Keep your money under control

With our new mobile authorization application, it's easy and secure

All your finances at your fingertips. With the Expobank CZ mobile authorization application, you will have an overview of your active payment cards. At the same time, it fulfills its primary function and that is the authorization of payments or requests. We are constantly improving the application, so there will be more great improvements and news soon.

A brand new authorization app (Authorization Key) available in the App Store, Google Play and AppGallery since October 20, 2021.
The overview of payment cards will be available from December 16, 2021.

Below you will find the easiest way to get the new Expobank CZ authorization app.

Safety first
Payment authorization

Attractive design

Safety first

The authorization application meets the OWASP and SCA security standards, and also has a complete protection against malware and anti-tampering.

Payment authorization

Our application will save you time. Now you can confirm payments and requests directly by a PIN code, or biometrically with a fingerprint or a facial scan, without having to needlessly wait for a verification SMS.

Attractive design

You can enjoy attractive design in a trendy dark mode and look forward to further outstanding improvements in the future.

Other advantages

  • No more rewriting of SMS codes
  • Login using biometrics
  • Intuitive management
  • Check card status

  • Switching among connected clients
  • Communication in Czech and English
  • The app is free of charge

NEO account - It will only take you 7 minutes to open
an account

Easy installation

Our new Expobank CZ authorization mobile application is ready for you to download.

Don't forget our ten safety rules: together with our security standards it will protect your money.

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