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Be smart,
save with a
NEO account

It grows before our eyes! No, there is
no mistake. We have increased the
interest rate to 0,75% p.a.
Without conditions.

Save smartly, save with a NEO account

Owing to the unusually high interest rate, NEO account has become even better and, together with the other benefits it offers, it is truly PHENEOMENAL

A tip for you ...

For each new client brought in, who will become a NEO account holder, you will receive a reward of CZK 500. You can find more about our campaign
“Make a referral and get a reward” HERE.

In Expobank CZ a.s. there is no place for information in a footnote. The new interest rate is valid for all existing and new clients, regardless of their account balance. Everything is transparent and honest, without conditions and hidden fees.

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