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Enjoy fast and secure payments

Leave the payment card in your
wallet and pay contactlessly
with your mobile phone

I want to pay with my phone.
What do I need for that?

  • A NEO Account

  • A mobile phone with Android OS and NFC support

  • Google Pay app

1) Install the application

Click on the icon, download Google Pay and install the application.

2) Upload a card

Add your payment card to Google Pay. As soon as you fill in the required data and agree with the conditions, you will receive an SMS with an authorization code. Enter the code to confirm the addition of your card to the app. That’s it.

3) Pay comfortably

Pay with your phone. With GooglePay you can pay in all stores marked with one of the following symbols, as well as on the Internet.

NEO account - It will only take you 7 minutes to open
an account

Paying with Google Pay is a piece of cake.

Thanks to Google Pay™ you can pay in stores simply by holding the back of your phone
close to the payment terminal.

1) Hold the phone close to  the payment terminal

2) You will receive a          transaction confirmation in the application

3) It’s done and paid

Up to CZK 500: All you have to do is activate the phone screen and hold its back close to the payment terminal. This way you can execute a maximum of 3 transactions in a row. You will then be prompted to verify your identity by logging in to your smart device.

Over 500 CZK: When the payment is higher than CZK 500, you will be prompted to log in to the smart device. Unlock the screen with a PIN code, gesture, or fingerprint and place the phone close to the payment terminal.

Conditions for the Issue and Use of the Bank's Payment Cards

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