What is Google Pay™?

Thanks to Google Pay™ service, you can pay in stores by simply
holding your mobile phone to a payment terminal.

How can you add your
credit card to Google Pay™?

Watch a video on how to easily and quickly add your payment card to Google Pay. It's a piece of cake! Go ahead and enjoy fast and convenient payments anywhere across the globe.

How can you pay via Google Pay™?

Up to CZK 500: All you have to do is activate the phone screen and hold the back of your phone close to the payment reader for a few seconds. This way you can perform a maximum of 3 transactions in a row. You will then be prompted to verify your identity by logging in to your phone/device.

Over CZK 500: If your payment exceeds CZK 500, you will be prompted to log in to the phone. Unlock the screen with a PIN code, gestures or fingerprint and hold the back of your phone close to the payment reader for a few seconds.

What are the most frequently asked questions?

Is Google Pay™ service free?

Neither Google nor Expobank CZ charges any fees for mobile payment services.

Are mobile payments secure?

Yes, for payments Google Pay™ uses an encrypted card number, which is not stored on your mobile or mobile app. Your card number and any other information about it is not available to Google or merchants. Nevertheless, you should follow basic security rules to ensure the protection of your payments.

Is there a difference between a standard and a mobile card transaction?

No, the only difference is the used form of a payment instrument (payment card vs. mobile device).

Which devices support Google Pay™?

The service is supported by smartphones with the Android operating system of version 5.0 and higher. For physical in-store purchases, your device must support NFC technology (you can check NFC availability in phone settings) and keep it turned on.

Why do I fail to add a card to Google Pay™?

Make sure that your mobile phone supports NFC technology (you can check the NFC availability in phone settings) and that you have activated mobile data (i.e. you are connected to the Internet). Also check your payment card expiration date. If you still have problems adding the card to Google Pay™, contact our customer service line at 844 844 822; to call us from abroad, dial +420 233 233 233 (Mon – Fri: 8: 00–19: 00).

Can I add one card to multiple mobile devices?

You can add one payment card to up to five devices.

What is the default card?

This is a preset card, which you primarily use for your payments via Google Pay™.

Where can I use Google Pay™ payment method?

At a retailer or online e-shops (if there is a button for payment via Google Pay™). You can also withdraw cash from a contactless ATM.

Do I need to have Internet access on my phone to make a payment via Google Pay™?

You only need Internet access when adding a card to Google Pay™. However, when making payments, transactions may not be synchronized, so we recommend connecting to the Internet from time to time to ensure the reliability of this payment method.

What should I do if I fail to make a payment via Google Pay™?

Check your phone settings and make sure your phone supports NFC technology and it is turned on. Make sure that your card is active and set as default in Google Pay™. Check the card expiration date. Once your payment card expiration date passes, you won't be able to pay with it. You must first add a new card to Google Pay™. If you haven't been connected to the Internet for a long time, your payment may not have been synchronized. You must reconnect to the Internet for the proper synchronization of recent payments. If you still have problems with payment via Google Pay™, contact our customer service line at 844 844 822; to call us from abroad, dial +420 233 233 233 (Mon – Fri: 8: 00–19: 00).

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM with my mobile phone?

Yes, Google Pay™ allows you to withdraw cash, but only through a contactless ATM.

What limits are set on the payment card in my phone?

To mobile card payments are applied the same maximum limits, which you have set on the corresponding physical card.

Can a terminal prompt me to enter a PIN code?

Yes, for some payments a terminal may prompt you to enter a PIN code. A PIN on the card, which you add to Google Pay™, is the same as on the physical card.

Will I see transactions made via Google Pay™ in my transaction history?

Yes, you will see all transactions made through Google Pay™ in the list of transactions in your Internet banking. Google Pay also provides an overview of recent activity.

How do I remove a card from Google Pay™?

You can remove a selected card via Google Pay™ app without disabling your physical card.

Can I re-add a removed Google Pay card to the app?

Yes, you can add the same card to Google Pay™ again.

If I block a plastic card temporarily or permanently,
will I be able to pay with it via Google Pay™, if it was added to the app?

Temporary or permanent blocking of a plastic card will also block the card added to Google Pay™ app. Therefore, once the card is blocked, you will not be able to pay with it even via Google Pay™ (by means of your mobile phone). Any changes that you make to your plastic card will also be paired with the card added to Google Pay™ app.

What is the validity period of a card registered in a mobile device?

The validity of a card in Google Pay™ is limited by two factors. The first one is the validity period of your physical card, a digital version of which is registered in a mobile devise; the second one is the validity period of the so-called token (digital form of your card), which is valid for 36 months from the moment your card has been successfully registered in the app. If your token expires, you will need to remove the card from Google Pay™ and re-register it.

What should I do if my payment card expires?

As soon as your physical payment card expires, all its digital versions will be blocked automatically. After having a new payment card issued and activating it, the digital variant will also be automatically renewed. Activate a new card before the previous card expires in order to prevent the discontinuation of a digital card validity.

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

In case of loss, theft, damage or use of the digital card registered in a mobile device by unauthorized persons, contact our customer service line at 844 844 822; to call us from abroad, dial +420 233 233 233 (Mon – Fri: 8: 00–19: 00) and request the blocking of this card. You can also block your card remotely by clicking on the link https://pay.google.com/ and signing in to your Google account.

What will happen if I update or replace my phone?

Updating your phone does not affect the payment cards you have registered in Google Pay™. However, on a new device, you'll need to re-add the digital version of your card to Google Pay™ app.

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