Freelance professions have many advantages

Whether you are an architect, a notary public, a pharmacist, or self-employed in another profession, we have a bundle package customized for your needs! 

Escrow Account

The Escrow Account is a special current account used by notaries, lawyers, and courts to deposit funds received from their clients for safekeeping. 

The right to a better bank means that We consider a digital signature to be a unique way to simplify our mutual communication further maintenance of personal current account or company account (IQ Professional account, SILVER Business account) free to your Escrow Account!

Benefits of an Escrow Account

  • Escrow Accounts can be denominated in CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, and CHF. Other currencies are available based on a prior arrangement

  • Guaranteed 0.50 % p.a. interest rate on CZK escrow accounts until 30 June 2019

  • The interest rate is valid until 7.6.2020. From 8.6.2020 the rate changes to 0.3 % p.a.

  • Free incoming and outgoing CZK payments

  • Free deposits and withdrawals in the account currency

  • Free account statements sent by regular mail or e-mail after every transaction

  • The account can be managed via Internet banking (opening, modifying, closing)

 IQ Professional Account

The IQ Professional Account is an all-inclusive bundle of banking services linked with the client's current account. 

The IQ Professional Account is designed exclusively for self-employed freelance professionals, including physicians, pharmacists, dentists, veterinary surgeons, lawyers, notaries, forensic experts, court interpreters, auditors, tax consultants, accountants, distrainors, auctioneers, bankruptcy administrators, authorized engineers and technicians, authorized architects, and patent attorneys.

Two IQ Professional Account options are available. They differ in the extent of the basic services included in each package:

IQ Professional Account (CZK 139 per month)

IQ Professional Account+ (CZK 459 per month)

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