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FinTech partners

Once opening a NEO account you
will be able to manage all fintech
services from one place

What partners will you find with us?

Fundlift - a group investing in companies

  • Purchase of minibonds and investment certificates
  • Transfer money directly from a NEO account
  • Same prices as at Fundlift
  • Investing in shares in a company
It is a group investing, in which a number of individuals contribute to the target amount required for the realization of the goal of financing. The projects in which you can invest are in the field of gastronomy, energy, education, or industrial technologies.

What instruments does crowfunding use?

  • Bond (minibond) - you will receive interest at regular intervals and at
    project maturity you will get back the amount originally invested

  • Investment certificate - at the maturity of the project, you will receive
    either interest for the entire period along with the amount originally invested,
    or a share in the company

  • Share in a company - you will acquire a share (ownership interest) in the registered capital of the company, which is usually associated with the right to receive a share of the profit

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Portu – a group investment in shares

  • Passive one-time and regular investment
  • Globally diversified portfolio
  • Use of artificial intelligence
  • No fees for deal entry/exit, purchase/sale and portfolio balancing
Porto offers a modern and efficient way to invest for everyone. They will build a tailor-made portfolio for you and you no longer have to worry about anything - just watch how your money works for you.

Thanks to Portu...

  • you can withdraw money at any time

  • your money is protected against exchange rate fluctuations

  • Portu always optimizes the portfolio with respect to markets development

Czech Mint – investment to precious metals

  • One-time or regular purchase of coins
  • Purchase of investment gold
  • Home delivery of purchased products
  • Money-transfer directly from a NEO account
  • Same prices as at Czech Mint
“Precious metals are rare metallic elements and their alloys. In earlier times they were used as a currency. Now they are used for the manufacture of coins and jewellery as they better preserve the economic value. Precious metals are mainly represented by gold and silver.”

Czech Mint will ensure...

  • a long-term protection against inflation. Moreover, gold is exempt from taxation
  • a long-term appreciation of the regularly invested funds by averaging price fluctuations

Is there anything else you would like to know?

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Travel insurance from our partner UNIQA

  • Medical expense insurance, including acute dental treatment coverage
  • The insurance also applies to co-travelling family members (spouse, partner, registered partner, own/adopted children under 18)
  • Assistance insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Baggage insurance
  • Extreme sports insurance
Enjoy your vacation with total peace of mind. Our partner UNIQA insurance company is here for you. By opening a NEO account, you get an opportunity to obtain complete insurance from our partner and make your trips carefree

What are your obligations?

  • Make insurance premiums in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded between the insurer and the insured person.
  • Upon occurrence of an insured event related to medical expenses, contact the insurance assistance service (UNIQA) without undue delay.
  • Notify the insurer (UNIQA) of the occurrence of the insured event without undue delay.
  • Fill in and send to the insurer a notification of the insured event and the required documents, or, at the request of the insurer (UNIQA), provide additional information about the insured event without undue delay.
  • Take measures aimed at mitigation of the damage in case of an insured event.
  • Truthfully describe the causes of the damage and provide demonstrable evidence of the extent of the damage.
  • Enable the insurer (UNIQA) to investigate and document the insured event.
  • Notify the insurer (UNIQA) if criminal proceedings have been or are likely to be opened in connection with the insured event.
  • In case of an insured event, provide information to the insurer (UNIQA) on other travel insurance agreements that the Insured has entered into.

Extreme sports insurance

  • Optional supplementary insurance for extreme sports
  • Regular sports are included in the basic insurance
  • Categorization of sports can be viewed here

What does the insurance not cover?

  • Damage that occurred before the beginning or after the end of the insurance coverage period.
  • Damage the occurrence of which the insured knew about, when concluding the insurance agreement.
  • Damage resulting from the intentional commission of a criminal offense, in connection with war or riots.
  • Damage caused by radiation, nuclear energy, or emissions.
  • Damages caused intentionally.
  • Above-standard health care, physical therapy, or rehabilitation.
  • Damages that are not explicitly included in the selected scope of insurance.
  • Damages incurred during the engagement in sports that are not insured.
  • Damages incurred as a result of violation of the existing laws in the country's territory.
  • The complete list of exclusions from the insurance can be found in the annexed insurance conditions, which form an integral part of the insurance agreement.
  • The insurance is valid in all countries of the world outside the Czech Republic, including locations with increased insurance risk specified in the insurance conditions.

Is there anything else you would like to know?

We will be happy to contact you. Please fill in your name, e-mail and write us a message - our helpful staff will reply to you within 24 hours. Working hours: Mon – Fri (8:00 – 19:00)

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