Are Bitcoin deposits insured up to EUR 100,000 the same way as deposits in Czech crowns?

Because Bitcoin deposits in your NEO Account are handled by our partner, IP wBTCb solutions, s.r.o., they are not covered by deposit insurance.

Do I need my own Bitcoin wallet and a private key to buy or sell Bitcoins?

You don't. Your Bitcoins will be deposited securely, and you can easily buy and sell them at an advantageous rate through your NEO Account and our partner, IP wBTCb solutions, s.r.o.

Can I transfer Bitcoins that were purchased through a different account to my NEO Account?

No. At present, you can only use your NEO Account to manage Bitcoins purchased through the account. If you decide to sell them, we will credit the proceeds to your NEO Account.

Can Bitcoins be withdrawn from my NEO Account in Czech crowns at an ATM?

No. However, you can buy and sell Bitcoins through your NEO Account using Internet banking. Bitcoin transactions are completed through our partner IP wBTCb solutions, s.r.o.

Does the NEO Account allow forex trading?

The NEO Account currently does not provide the option to trade foreign currencies.

Can I open a NEO account even if I am not a Czech citizen?

NEO account can be opened by all citizens with permanent residence in the Czech Republic

Can other cryptocurrencies be traded through NEO Account in addition to bitcoins??

Only one cryptocurrency – the bitcoin – can be traded through our partner, IP wBTCb solutions, s.r.o..

Can NEO Account be accessed through the EXPO bank mobile application?

We are working hard on the mobile application. To use all the features of your account at this time, we recommend using our website. Log in and enjoy the convenience of online banking.