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What do I need to access Expobanking?

To access Expobanking, you need the current version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. To make sure that generated PDF documents are displayed correctly, you need the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the signature validity is displayed incorrectly in documents bearing Expobank's digital signature, verify Adobe Acrobat Reader settings according to instructions provided by the certification authority. 

What is an unauthorized payment?

Unauthorized payment means that the payment has not been signed, which means that the transaction cannot be completed by the bank. If you use multiple signature authorization, payments must be signed with all of the required signatures. If a signature is missing, the transaction cannot be completed. 

What is a payment with a future value date?

Any one-time payment that will be effectuated sometime in the future. 

I'm having trouble in logging into Expobanking

Contact the Customer Care Center by e-mail at info@expobank.cz or by telephone at 844 844 822 (Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.). 

What is in the overview on the main screen after login?

The main screen shows a list of all current and savings accounts and term deposits, including the current balances. 

What does the circle with available balance mean?

It is the sum of available balances on current and savings accounts and term deposits available through Internet banking. You can choose the currency in which the available balance is displayed. Individual colors show the share of accounts in the overall available balance. 

What are transactions?

The Last Transactions section shows the last eight transactions (transfers, card transactions, withdrawals, etc.) completed on all of the accounts available through Internet banking as well as transactions with a future value date. 

Why has the balance changed, but the transaction is not shown in the transaction history?

The balance shows current information from the online banking system. However, detailed data for the transaction history are generated at a slight delay, in regular intervals that last approximately 10 minutes. If the banking system is processing a large number of items, the delay might be even longer. 

What exchange rate is used to convert foreign-currency balances?

The current Expobank CZ exchange rate for "sale" transactions. 

What is in the Events section?

The section shows all transactions, expiring cards, loan installments, and expiring term deposits from the beginning of the previous month up to the date of the last event. As to standing orders and loan installments, the calendar shows only one upcoming transaction. 

What is a smart payment?

A smart payment is a function that saves your time in entering repeated payments. After you enter a payment order in Internet banking, the payment is automatically saved among smart payments. If at any time you want to make the same payment, all you have to do is enter the details (name of beneficiary, account number, description, etc.), and all payment data will be filled in automatically. 

How is a payment added to smart payments?

After you enter a payment order in Internet banking, the payment is automatically saved among smart payments, and it is available at any time. There is no need to enter or save anything. 

What should I do if there is a mistake in a smart payment? Can a saved smart payment be removed?

Enter the correct details when you're making a new payment. If the beneficiary's name and account number are the same, the saved payment details will be automatically updated with the new information. At this time, smart payments cannot be removed. 

How are the results sorted when I search for a smart payment?

The last signed payment is always shown first. 

How can I suspend a standing order?

Standing orders cannot be suspended in the new Internet banking system. You need to cancel an existing standing order, and subsequently re-enter the payment details if you want payments to start again. You can also set the date starting on which you want payment orders executed. For example, if you want to stop payments during holidays, all you need to do is click on the payment order and set the date "From" to the first day on which the payment order is to be executed again. 

How do I enter a standing order for payments abroad?

Select SEPA Euro Payment or Foreign Payment in the Standing Orders section to display the form for the applicable standing order type. 

Where are direct debit orders?

A direct debit order cannot be placed through Expobanking. If you want to set up direct debit, visit an Expobank CZ branch. You can, however, give permission to direct debit through Expobanking. 

Can SIPO be used for payments in a currency other than CZK?

No. SIPO payments can only be made from CZK accounts. 

Based on what are payer accounts sorted when a payment order is being entered, and can the order be changed?

Payments are sorted in an alphabetical order according to the account name/number. The name can be changed at any time in the Accounts and Deposits section or directly on the starting page. Afterward, accounts will be sorted automatically according to the new name. 

What is in the Accounts and Deposits section?

The Accounts and Deposits section contains information on all current and savings accounts and term deposits accessible through Internet banking. 

Which payment cards are accessible through Internet banking?

All payment cards linked to all of your accounts are accessible through Internet banking. 

Who can change payment card limits and activate travel insurance?

Only the account holder can change limits and activate travel insurance provided with payment cards. Limits for authorized users are set by the account holder. 

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a service aimed at enhancing the security of online card payments. The service is free for Expobank CZ clients. For more information and frequently asked questions, visit: 3D Secure.

How long does it take to change limits and the phone number for sending 3D Secure codes?

A change of limits takes effect immediately after it is entered in Internet banking. 3D Secure security codes are sent to a new telephone number within 15 minutes. 

When will I be able to use a new PIN code?

To make sure that a new PIN code is correctly recorded on your payment card, you have to complete a contact transaction during which the new PIN code will be recorded on your payment card. For example, you can make an account balance inquiry at a bank machine. 

I've applied for a new card, but I haven't received a letter with the PIN code. What should I do?

The standard procedure is that the PIN code is not sent by mail for new payment cards. It has to be set through Internet banking. 

What is a temporary payment card freeze?

A payment card can be temporarily blocked, for example if you are not using it at the moment, but plan to use it again in the future. The card can be unblocked at any time through Internet banking. 

What is available in the Investment section?

The Investment section contains an overview of all investments, securities, and bonds you own through Expobank CZ. In addition, there is a Transaction List as well as Dividend and Coupon Payments. 

Can I complete new transactions?

New transactions cannot be completed through Internet banking. Only the current investment portfolio is available at the present time. 

What does it mean that the price and value of investment instruments is approximate and serves for information purposes only?

All information on securities and investments is provided for information purposes only, and is subject to change at any time. The current prices of specific investment instruments will be provided by your banking advisor or any Expobank CZ branch. 

Which current information is available through Internet banking?

Information available through Internet banking is up to date for the previous day. 

Can a loan application be made online?

Unfortunately not. Loan products can only be viewed through Internet banking. 

What is the purpose of messages in Internet banking?

Messages are used for secure communication between you and Expobank. You can tell us your opinion about the new Internet banking system or ask any question. We're looking forward to hearing from you. 

How can I send an attachment with a message?

In composing a new message, click in the Attachments field and select the file you want to send to us. 

What is the maximum size of an attachment?

The maximum size of one attachment is 10 MB. Several attachments can be enclosed with one message. 

When are regular notifications distributed?

Regular notifications are distributed every day after 8:00 a.m. Notifications of account and card transactions are sent immediately. No notifications are sent for transfers between your own accounts. 

Can notifications be sent to several telephone numbers and e-mail addresses at the same time?

Yes. Enter the e-mail addresses or telephone numbers with a comma. 

When I set notifications for a certain account or card and at the same time for all of my accounts and cards, will I receive two notifications?

Yes. For example, you can set notifications for all outgoing transactions over CZK 500 for all accounts and at the same time notifications for all account transactions on your current account only.