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Expobank CZ
The upright bank

The bank you turn to look at.
Our card is not the only thing
that has changed

The upright bank

It's good to have a friend in life and in finances. A loyal one, who watches your back. This is what Expobank CZ stands for.

A down-to-earth bank, which would not offer to its clients anything, what it could not recommend to its family or best friends. All products and services are designed in an effort to suit the clients.

There is no room for footnotes and hidden fees in Expobank CZ. It protects its clients from financial loss and anticipates potential risks. Everything is transparent and honest.

This approach is represented by the Neo Account, to which we issue vertical payment card in our distinctive orange color.

Benefits of the NEO account - Save any amount without limits at a fair rate of 4.61 % p.a.

  • NEW vertical payment card

  • ATM withdrawals in the Czech Republic and abroad FREE OF CHARGE

  • Unusually high interest rate of 4.61 % p.a.

  • Protect your money abroad with blocking DCC transactions

  • NEO account is FREE OF CHARGE

  • Convenient GooglePay payments

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