You are entitled to have a better bank

We do not use any pretext in order to offer a poor quality service. Expobank is a bank for you, lawyers, notaries or courts. Therefore, we come with the right fit solutions with effective communication and administration of your personal or business account free of charge.

Your right to have a better bank means the following

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List of Fees and List of rates

Escrow Account

The Escrow Account is a special type of account intended for individuals or organizations (lawyers, notaries or courts) acting as escrow agents for the third parties. The account is designed for a deposit of client’s funds. Each escrow is administered and reported separately from the account of the escrow agent. There can be only one escrow in each escrow account at a time.

Advantages of Escrow Account

IQ Professional Account

A comprehensive package of banking products designed especially for freelance professions serves as a current account. The IQ Professional Account suits well to self-employed professionals (freelance professions), such as doctors, pharmacists, dentists, veterinary surgeons, lawyers, notaries, court-appointed experts, official interpreters, auditors, tax consultants, accountants, executors, auctioneers, bankruptcy trustees, authorized engineers, technicians, authorized architects and patent agents. IQ Professional Account offers two variants that differ by the extent of basic services.

IQ Professional Account (for 139 CZK/month you get)

IQ Professional Account+ (for 459 CZK/month you get)

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