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Block your payment card (card loss or theft):
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Contactless debit cards became a new and a modern way of payment which allows fast, contactless payment all over the world. Cards issued after 1.12.2017 enable contactless cash withdrawals from ATMs as well as contactless ask for balance (of course only in ATMs that support these features. You might choose type of the card that fits you the most.

MasterCard Standard

Expobank - MasterCard Standard

MasterCard Standard contactless embossed payment card gives you the highest cashback for payments made through Simply use your new MasterCard Standard card to pay for accommodation and get 5% of the transaction value back.

With MasterCard Standard, you get free concierge services, a unique product that is available anywhere at any time through WhatsApp.

Make travel simple thanks to concierge services, get a cashback for a part of your payment, and collect miles – they can be later redeemed for airline tickets and accommodation.

MasterCard Gold

Expobank - MasterCard Gold

MasterCard Gold is a prestigious international embossed contactless debit card that enables you to make cash-free payments and is accepted by all kinds of merchants, including retail stores and e-shops.

The card is provided with your Expobank current account and it comes with optional Priceless Prague loyalty program (replacement for the original MasterCard Elite program). Within this program, you can make use of discounts at selected merchants across the whole Czech Republic and, as a bonus, use the offer of extraordinary experiences not only in Prague. More information can be found on Priceless Prague website.

Holders of MasterCard Gold premium cards enjoy beneficiary entry to Aiport lounge at Václav Havel airport in Prague, Terminal 1 or Jet Lounge abd SKY Longe in Vienna. More information at Mastercard Premium.

In addition, you can benefit from special offers of car rental companies HERTZ and AVIS and hotels within the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). You can find more information here:

MasterCard Gold benefits

Cash withdrawals from any ATM in Czech Republic for CZK 6.50 only.

MasterCard Business

Expobank - MasterCard Business Standard a Executive

MasterCard Business is a prestigious international embossed contactless debit card that allows making cash-free payments and it’s accepted by all kinds of merchants, including retail stores as well as e-shops.

You get the card to your Expobank Entrepreneurial account and it comes with optional benefit program MasterCard® BUSINESS SELECTION.

MasterCard Business offers two programs:

MasterCard Business Standard Program

MasterCard Business Executive Program

Blocking of payment cards in selected countries

In order to protect the payment cards of our clients and with regard to the increasing security risks connected with so called skimming, the payment cards issued by Expobank CZ are blocked by default in selected countries: Indonesia.

If you intend to travel to these countries, it is possible to unblock your payment card for a particular country for a fixed period via our call center: Mo – Fri: 8 am – 7 pm, + 420 844 844 822, phone nr. from abroad: +420 233 233 233.

3D Secure

At the end of the year 2016 Expobank CZ a.s. introduces new 3D Secure service in order to increase the security of online card payments. To be able to make online payments with a payment card issued by Expobank CZ, please provide us with the mobile phone number at which unique codes for authorisation of the payments will be delivered. More information

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