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Profile of Expobank CZ a.s.

Welcome to Expobank – the Bank that excels in providing its local and international clients with best-in-class saving and investment products as well as with excessive support for cross-border transactions. We naturally make both local and cross-border intellectually-driven solutions simple and efficient in execution for our Corporate, Private and International Banking clients.

Expobank clients benefit from experienced senior bankers, long-lasting local know-how of the Czech market (we were formerly known as LBBW CZ a.s.), an international management team, Expobank sister companies abroad and 20 years of successful, intelligent business conduct of its major shareholder Mr. Igor Kim, as he has wide experience from numerous demanding markets and with cooperation with globally respected international organizations (including the EBRD, IFC, KfW Bankengruppe and others).

Partnering with Expobank means partnering with the Team which highly respects each client’s individuality, with the Bank where services are tailored for Your growth. It means partnering with the Bank for You.

Sister banks and subsidiary companies

Expobank, LLC (Russia), Expobank AS (Latvia)and Expobank a.d. Beograd (Serbia). Subsidiaries of the bank: East Portfolio, s.r.o.


The Bank is well-established in the Czech market as it has been present there since 1991. Over the years, it has been recognized as a modern and universal commercial bank, providing top-class services and reacting promptly to the needs of corporate, private and affluent individual clients.

In the past, the bank has changed both its shareholder and its name. In the Czech market the bank was known as BAWAG Bank CZ a.s., since 2008 it was known under the name LBBW Bank CZ a.s. as a subsidiary of the German LBBW. Igor Kim became the majority shareholder of Expobank CZ as of 1. 12. 2014, thus ending the transition period.

Owner – Igor Kim

The majority owner of Expobank CZ is Mr Igor Kim, a strategic investor active in the Russian and European banking sector with more than 20 years of successful business experience in banking and whose success is a result of smart investments in the past and intelligent business conduct with no connections to politics.

He is the majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Expobank, LLC (Russia – formerly Barclays Bank), Expobank AS (Latvia). He is also the majority investor in WestLB Vostok Bank (Russia – formerly owned by WestLB of Germany) and in FXCM Securities (UK). He has been awarded the Banker of the Year in Russia both in 2003 and in 2009.


Board of Directors

Ilya Mitelman
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Member since 27. 3. 2017
Sridhar Cadambi
Sridhar Cadambi
Member of the Board of Directors
Member since od 14. 5. 2018
Martin Kubíček
Martin Kubíček
Member of the Board of Directors
Member since 18. 2. 2019

Supervisory Board

Igor Kim
since 1. 9. 2014
Member since 1. 9. 2014

Kirill Nifontov
since 1. 9. 2014
Member since 1. 9. 2014

John McNaughton
Member since 1. 9. 2014

Jyrki Ilmari Koskelo
Member since 1. 9. 2014

Jiří Schwarz
Member since 22. 10. 2015

Alexei Sannikov
Member since 15. 12. 2017

Lubomír Lízal
Member since 1. 5. 2018

Members of the Audit Committee of Expobank CZ a.s.

Ladislav Langr
Member since 8. 12. 2014 (28. 4. 2016 elected Chairman of the Audit Committee)
Date of birth: 18. 4. 1950
Květnového vítězství 496/82, 149 00 Praha 4 – Háje

John McNaughton
Member since 8. 12. 2014 (28. 4. 2016 elected Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee)
Date of birth: 28. 4. 1967
107078 Moscow, Kalančevskaja 2 st., Building 2, Russian Federation

Jiří Schwarz
Member since 28. 4. 2016
Date of birth: 25. 4. 1960
U Hřiště 418, 741 01 Nový Jičín

Sponsorship Activities

At Expobank CZ a.s. we believe that our global commercial commitment means responsibility not only towards our clients, employees and business partners, but also towards society and those in need. We understand the importance of the various charities and non-profit cultural or humanitarian events. Therefore, Expobank CZ a.s. actively supports those who are not fortunate enough to have the same “starting conditions” and need a helping hand.

We contribute to several foundations, participate in many charity projects and promote both cultural and sport activities.

Supported areas of sponsorship activities

Národní ústav pro autismus, z.ú

Expobank CZ a.s. has been its General partner since 2007.

The Bank’s financial donation covers provision of personal assistance, respite, and relief services to people, in particular children, with autistic spectrum disorders who live in the Czech Republic. These services include escorting children to and from school, extracurricular activities, sporting and other leisure activities. The relief and assistance program is of invaluable help for the child’s family, especially at times when they are for whatever reason unable to fully devote their time to the needs of their child, e.g. because they have appointments with public authorities or must visit a doctor. The project also offers this service for times in which parents need to relax and take time for themselves or for a healthy sibling who often “plays second fiddle”, or simply to “recharge their batteries”.

SenSen – Sensational Seniors

Expobank CZ a.s. has been a partner of the SenSen (Sensational Seniors) since 2015.

Expobank became a partner of the Senior of the Year Award in 2015. It is regularly announced by the Charta 77 Foundation as part of its SenSen project (Sensational Seniors, www.sensen.cz).

The objective of the Senior of the Year Award is to present seniors as an important part of the society and to emphasize their outstanding achievements and work. The public is this way informed that, despite their age, they still have something to offer, they can be active, support and inspire others by their own example. Awarding the prize is to support these seniors in their following activities and to strengthen their self-confidence in their own abilities and a social value.

About SenSen:

The SenSen (Sensational Seniors) project was established at the Charta 77 Foundation in 2012 as a response to the demographic development in the Czech Republic. The involvement of seniors in the project brings them participation in unique nationwide projects (National Chronicle, Second Life of Children’s Books, Active Life), help in realizing SenSen club members’ own ideas, concrete support for otherwise unachievable activities, financial and material support in obtaining computer literacy, SenSen counseling (medicine, security, etc.), the ability to share with other seniors what they are doing throughout the country, while receiving inspiration and help from outside.

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