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Do you have everything ready? Here we go!

1. Step

In the first step, fill in all the required information, check the approvals and continue by clicking on the "Get an account" button.

2. Step

From the menu, choose the purpose for which you will use the account the most and add more information about the origin of your money.

3. Step

Choose a username and password to access internet banking. The name must contain only lowercase letters without accents and be composed of at least 4 letters. The password must be at least eight characters long (uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers).

4. Step

In the next step, select the method you will use to upload your ID card. You can choose to upload a photo card from the disc or take the photo by phone.

5. Step

You will check the automatically uploaded data from your the ID card.

6. Step

Upload a second ID.

7. Step

Check the uploaded data from the second document.

8. Step

Sign the account opening agreement with the SMS code we sent you.

9. Step

Do you want a payment card for your new account, with which you can withdraw from ATMs around the world for free? You can order it in this step. If you want to deliver the card to an address other than the one listed, order it later in internet banking.

10. Step

Upload a document confirming the existence of your old account. Don't know how to get a statement? Take a look at our instructions!

Are you filling out an application on your mobile?
No fear. Even on a mobile phone, you can easily get a statement, but not from the bank's mobile application. Open a browser on your mobile phone and go to your bank's website, where you normally log in to internet banking. Then just follow the default to get a statement.

11. Step

Send a verification activation payment of CZK 1 from the same current account.

12. Step

Congratulations on completing your application! You can give us feedback on how you liked the process and whether everything went smoothly.

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