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Career in Expobank

The success of our bank depends
on work commitment of our colleagues


The involvement of every team member, honest desire to achieve results by making a joint effort. The desire of every team member to provide a valuable contribution, to preserve trust and respect. 

Focus on Results,

Trust within teams and trust on the part of individual workers are conducive to Expobank's overall prosperity.

Willingness to Change

Openness to changes and appropriate response to potential transformations. Acceptance of different opinions, ability to adapt to new action plans.

Ethics, Integrity,

Dedication to ethical principles and standards. Resolve to act in a fair and courteous manner in line with social and professional standards.


Benefits of Working at Expobank


Employer allowance to benefits that might be used according your personal preference.

Extra Vacation and Sick Days

A week of vacation over the legal requirement and five sick days. 

Employee Benefit Package

Expobank employees can obtain banking products under special terms.

Contributions for Meals and Retirement Savings

Meal vouchers, a restaurant in the building, and contributions for retirement savings.

Flexible Working Hours

You need to come to work later or leave earlier? We're open to a compromise.

Home office

Do you need to work from home?
We will be happy to accommodate you.


New Year's Ever party, sports, social events for clients, and various other activities. 

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Life and career at Expobank

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