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Only the best for your company.

Our goal is to support the financial aspects of your business by providing solutions that meet your needs and save your time.

Corporate Banking

The financial success of your business depends on many factors. One of them is a partnership with a strong bank you can rely on and trust. 

We know that your business plans are unique. With our financial solution prepared on the basis of an analysis of your needs, you will be one step closer to their implementation. Our bank specifically seeks transactions that require an individual approach and can thus offer its corporate clients a unique solution to meet their needs. See for yourself the advantages and qualities of ours Banking and consulting services for corporate clients covering all aspects of the world of finance.

Basic products

Treasury sales products

  • FX Spot

  • FX Swap

  • FX Forward

  • Term deposits

  • Deposit certificates

  • Interest rate swap (IRS)

  • Capital market transactions (stocks, bonds, and collective investment funds)

Structured products

  • Leveraged buy-outs,

  • Management buy-outs Club financing

Corporate banking

Jiří Procházka

+420 233 231 201

Treasury Sales

Martina Tichá

+420 233 231 511

Treasury ALM

Jiří Bečvář

+420 233 231 524

Trade and Export Financing

Success in international business depends on a number of key factors, including a suitable financing arrangement and a professional financial partner. 

Our experienced banking experts on our Export and Trade Finance team provide a broad spectrum of services and customized solutions to domestic companies and multinational corporations, both importers and exporters.

Our services

  • Bank guarantees

  • Documentary credit

  • Documentary collection

  • Pre-export financing with or without EGAP insurance

  • Export factoring with or without EGAP insurance

  • Export loans with EGAP insurance

  • Interbank relations

Real Estate Financing

Financing for real estate purchases, construction, and renovation. Long-term corporate real-estate financing based on yield.

We provide short-term (bridge) real estate financing based on the value and yield potential of properties, as well as other structured products.Our specialized services for foreign companies and markets facilitate not only fast and simple transactions, but also effective and informed consulting services, banking solutions, and financing arrangements for export, mergers, and acquisitions.

Credit financing is provided for the following types of real estate:

  • Residential ventures

  • Office facilities

  • Retail space

  • Logistic centers

  • Hotels (4*/5*)

Norbert Dostál

Pavel Kroha

+420 233 231 292

Russian Desk

Do you do business with Russia or countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States? At the end of 2014, Expobank set up a Russian Desk with a team of bilingual experts who are intimately familiar with the Russian market and the markets in countries associated under the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Expobank's presence in Russia and Latvia facilitates not only fast and simple transactions in these countries, but also allows providing effective and informed consulting services, banking solutions, and financing arrangements for export, mergers, and acquisitions.

German Desk

Need support in the execution of your business plans? Our team of experienced German-speaking banking advisers will prepare financial products customized to your needs.

The Expobank CZ German Desk is a specialized team of experienced corporate bankers who speak several languages and possess thorough knowledge of the Czech and German markets. Our goal is to be the number one contact point not only for German companies, but also for businesses from other German-speaking countries that are entering the Czech market or doing business in the Czech Republic already. Thanks to our previous German owner, LBBW, and our past experience, Expobank's German Desk is a top provider of banking solutions to German, Austrian, and Swiss companies in the Czech Republic.

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