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Group investing in companies through our partner Fundlift

  • Purchase of minibonds and investment certificates

  • Transfer money directly from a NEO account

  • Same prices as at Fundlift

What is investment crowdfunding?

This is a group financing, in the framework of which each of the participants contributes part of the target amount required for the implementation of the subject of financing. Investment projects include such areas as gastronomy, energy, education, industrial technology and others.

What instruments does crowdfunding use?

Bonds (minibonds)

You will receive interest at regular intervals and the amount originally invested will be returned to you at project maturity

Investment certificate

At project maturity, you will receive either interest for the entire period and the amount originally invested or a share in the company

Share in the company

You will acquire a share (ownership interest) in the registered capital of the company, which is usually associated with the right to receive a share of the profit

A unique bank account

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