Postponement of loan repayments

25. March 2020

Dear clients,

In the light of the latest developments around COVID-19, we fully understand your inquiries regarding possible postponements of your loans for individuals or businesses.

We want to assure you that we stand ready to carefully consider all possible ways to help you effectively overcome the current situation in justified cases and in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Czech National Bank (Česká národní banka – ČNB). As the first step, we have summarized the most important information, including instructions how to proceed, which you will find below.

We are aware that every day is important to you and that time is money. Therefore, we want to assure you that we will address your request as soon as possible, but please be patient.

Finally, thank you for being our clients. We wish you and your loved ones good health.
Expobank CZ

Who can apply?
Any individual or company that has a loan from us.

How many times can I request a postponement of instalments?
Once for each loan.

Will the change of instalments affect the information in the Czech Banking Credit Bureau (Bankovní registr klientských informací – BRKI)?
If you are still repaying the loan properly, the change of repayment will have no negative impact.

By when do I have to apply?
Applications are accepted until April 30, 2020.

Am I automatically entitled to change my instalments in the light of the current situation?
There is no legal entitlement.

How many months can I postpone instalments for?
Three months.

Where can I get a form for the postponement of instalments?
You can use the form here. Or send us an e-mail to and we will send the form to you. Our Corporate Banking clients and Private Banking clients are kindly advised to contact their banker.

How can I apply?
Preferably by e-mail sent to The application can also be sent by post to our headquarters in Prague or via internet banking. Or personally at our branch in Pankrác, Prague, although we recommend postponing the personal visit for a more suitable time and now communicate with us remotely.

When should I apply?

  1. The sooner the better. Please note that postponement of instalments may be granted no earlier than the month following the month in which the change was requested.
  2. If you are a corporate client, please ask your banker for terms and procedures.
  3. Please also bear in mind that, even after applying, you are obliged to continuously pay your instalments on the regular basis unless we formally agree otherwise.

How will the Bank evaluate my application?

The application proceeds through the standard evaluation process as in the case of any other application for a change in the terms and conditions of the loan granted.

What documents should I submit?
In general, the more documents you provide for a possible postponement of instalments, the better. If this is a change that is tied with current developments, then ideally, the documents provided should document the impact this development has had on you. Such documents are, for example, certificate of long-term sick-leave, nursing a family member, changing your job, etc.
If you are an individual, it is sufficient to describe the situation in which you are in a sworn statement.

At what time approximately since the application was submitted, will you decide whether or not to accept my application?
We will address your application as soon as possible. We will inform you about the result within 14 days of its submission with the necessary documentation.

How will the contract documentation be signed?
The amendment to the contract must be signed in at least one copy with a certified signature. The contractual documentation can then be sent by post. Corporate Banking clients will be informed about the conditions by their corporate banker.

Is there a charge for the change?
There is no charge for postponement of instalments.

Will the Bank adjust the interest rate of my loan in connection with the postponement of instalments?
No, the interest rate remains unchanged. The Bank will keep the same interest rate for you when you change the terms and conditions.

How will the change affect my loan?
Due to a shift in the repayment schedule, it may change and adjust the interest paid. The loan will continue to be remunerated at the agreed interest rate for the period of deferment of instalments and will be increased by the outstanding principal of the loan. The Bank will provide you with a new payment schedule before signing the contract so that you have enough information to decide whether to accept the change.

Do you charge any additional costs for postponing instalments?
Not on the part of the Bank, but bear in mind on small expenses for verifying the signature, or  postage.