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API Open Banking

Current state of API s
ervices and Internet banking

Current service status:

The Open banking API service is functional

Open Banking

To use the service, a third-party provider must hold a license issued by the Czech National Bank or, in the case of a foreign provider based in another EU Member State, by the supervisory authority of the Member State of its domicile. The license authorizes third parties to use services provided by account information service providers (AISP) or payment initiation service providers (PISP).

Information for Developers

API used by Expobank CZ is based on the Czech Standard for Open Banking (COBS) defined by the Czech Banking Association. A description of the interface, including differences from the COBS, is provided in documentation available online at If the documentation changes, we will inform third-party providers in advance through this website using the submitted contact information.

The current status of API and Internet banking services can be verified through an API query. Documentation for public API services offered by Expobank is available at

API availability statistics


If you are interested in connection to PSD2 API or if you have a question about this service, contact us by e-mail at

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