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Each of our clients' needs is unique.

And so are our solutions

Why choose Expobank CZ?

Expobank CZ provides attractive savings, investment and other financial products and services to Czech and international clients. Our flagship retail products include the NEO account, which offers attractive interest on the entire balance without conditions, and REFIXO online refinancing of consumer loans, which can save clients tens or hundreds of thousands of crowns in repayments and fees on loans held elsewhere. As of September 2022, our owner is the Banka CREDITAS.

Unlike from the the other banks, we treat each client as an individual and willingly adjust our services.

The following values are the foundation for
our communications within the bank and with our clients

Individual approach

We assume that our clients are the ones who know best what they want and need.
We listen and deliver.


We listen to our clients. It's the only way of offering the best solutions at the right time. We don't believe in prefabricated universal solutions.


Our solution for productivity? Bring together top professionals and empower them with freedom and trust. That works miracles!

NEO account - It will only take you 7 minutes to open
an account

History of Expobank CZ

We are building on our 31-year tradition on the local market, most of our clients are Czechs and Czech companies. We do business on the basis of a license from the Czech National Bank. The bank is managed by a Czech board of directors. We have been supporting Czech charities and Czech culture for a long time.  We have been operating under the current name Expobank CZ a.s. since 2014. Our owner since September 2022 is the Banka CREDITAS.

BAWAG Bank CZ a.s.


LBBW Bank CZ a.s.


Expobank CZ a.s.


The very first FinTech bank platform in Czechia


Expobank CZ owned by Banka CREDITAS


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