3D Secure

3D Secure is a service which increases the security of online card payments. The service is free for all Expobank CZ clients. You will be requested to insert a unique one-off code at merchants supporting 3D Secure (almost 100% in the Czech Republic). The code will be delivered via SMS to cardholder’s mobile phone. Merchants who support 3D Secure technology can be recognized by the trade mark Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode  on their websites.

3D Secure technology is used for all types of debit payment cards issued by Expobank CZ a.s. To make an internet payment, it is now necessary to have both your card and mobile phone at hand, otherwise you will not be able to complete the transaction. The security of internet transactions increases significantly this way.

Service activation

  • The service is activated for all payment cards issued by Expobank CZ from 28. 11. 2016
  • In order to ensure the functionality of the service, it is necessary to provide the bank with the mobile phone number at which unique codes for authorisation of the payments will be delivered.
  • It is necessary to have activated a limit for e-commerce transactions.

Payment progress

  • After choosing your goods select pay by card and submit your order
  • After being transferred to Secured Payment Gateway fill out your payment card information
  • Insert SMS security code which will be delivered to your mobile phone and submit
Potvrzení platby bezpečnostním SMS kódem

Nejčastější dotazy

Is every online payment authorized bya unique SMS code?

Payment authorization through unique codes is required at merchants who support 3D Secure system. In the Czech Republic it is almost 100% of online shops, abroad approximately 50%. If the online shop does not support 3D Secure, payment will be completed without authorization through a unique SMS Code.

What to do in case no SMS code is delivered when paying at merchant supporting 3D Secure?

SMS delivery usually takes a few seconds, sometimes it can happen that it is slightly delayed. In case you have been waiting for receiving the SMS longer than one minute, click on resend SMS code in the window for code submission.

What to do in case I submit wrong SMS security code?

You have 3 attempts to submit the code. After 3 failed attempts the card is blocked for internet payments for security reasons. Other card payments (purchases in stores, withdrawal in ATMs, online payments at merchants who do not support 3D Secure) are not affected by the blockage. The card will be automatically unblocked after midnight of the day you attempted the payment.

How can I change the mobile phone number used for 3D Secure?

The procedure of changing mobile phone number used for secure SMS messages is the same as setting the mobile phone number for the first time.

Can I set multiple phone numbers for one payment card?

Only one mobile phone number can be assigned to one payment card.

Can I set one phone number for multiple payment cards?

Yes, if you use more than one payment card it is possible to use only one phone number for the authorization.

How to set your mobile phone number for 3D Secured online payments

Internet Banking (Expo Direct, Expo Business Direct)

After standard login into Internet Banking select Messages / Create message in upper menu. Please fill out the form in following order:
Subject:        „Mobile phone number for 3D Secure“
Message:      Card number: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX                 Mobile: XXX XXX XXX XXX

Then click on „Submit“ button and authorise the message. The message can be authorised even by users who are not authorised to sign payment orders.

Note: This option is available only for payment card holders with access to internet banking.

Branch visit

When visiting your branch please fill out the applicable form and confirm the telephone number for authorisation of online payments for selected payment card. 

Send by post

Please download „Application for setting of mobile phone number for 3D Secure service“ and fill out the requested information. Your signature at the form must be verified by the notary or Czech Point service. The original application please send via post addressed to your Expobank CZ branch. Expobank CZ branches

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