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Gift for thrifty clients: 1000 Czech lion investment coins FOR FREE

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years on the Czech market

201 mil.

in profit in 2018 (CZK)



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Whether you want to accumulate savings, invest, or have your payments fully under control, we have what you need!

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NEO Account features:

  • Best interest rate on the market - 1,6% p.a.
  • No account maintenance fees
  • FREE card payments and ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world
  • 1 000 Czech lion investment coins FOR FREE to thrifty clients
  • Opening a NEO Account takes no more than a few minutes
  • FINTECH services
  • Access to cryptocurrencies

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Standard list of fees and commissions as of 15.12.2019

Standard list of fees and commissions as of 15.12.2019

We would like to inform you about changes in the Standard list of fees and commissions for personal banking, entrepreneurs and small businesses, and for corporate clients valid as of 15.12.2019.

Corporate social responsibility

We help where it makes sense

We are aware that there are people who have been less fortunate in life. Because our heart is in the right place, we lend them a helping hand. In addition, we support contemporary Czech culture.

National Autism Institute

We finance a program of personal assistance and relief (respite) services for autistic individuals in the Czech Republic, where special attention is paid to children. Assistance is provided for persons accompanying children to and from school, extracurricular activities, hobbies, sports, and other leisure time activities.


Adventor is a civil society organization that provides multifaceted support to the Czech autistic community. Its services include therapy and counseling for autistic persons of all ages, participation in the legislative process, and the operation of a protected workshop, all of which is made possible by our contributions.

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

The PRSO is one of the most prominent and oldest Czech ensembles. Thanks to its imaginative programming and constantly improving artistic quality, the orchestra has built an excellent reputation on the domestic and international cultural scenes, as witnessed by frequent performances in concert halls worldwide.

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