Save with a rate of 0.50 % p.a. any amount without limitation

Find out how deposits are insured.
Save wisely! Save with a NEO Account

A NEO Account combines benefits of savings and current account in one. You don't have to send your money back and forth anymore

Place your savings with us for 6 months to 5 years and get an even better interest rate. No hidden fees, penalties and other conditions

Control fintech products from one place. One moment you can save, the other you can invest.

You can save with us without restrictions

We do not use the advertising tricks of others and do not condition the rate

only up to certain low amount

only for the first few months

only under a multitude of conditions

We combined the advantages of a current and savings account and created a NEO account.
An account which allows you to save at a fixed rate regardless of the deposited amount.

We are a digital bank

You can solve everything with us online.

For example, online transfer of standing payments and balances from another bank to Expobank, adding an account holder, online issuance of a bank account confirmation or statement for authorities, including the possibility of sending the documents by post.

Confirm application payments

End of SMS code rewriting

You can now confirm payments even more conveniently. Just install our authorization application and confirm payments at the touch of a button

It only takes 7 minutes to open an account

Everything is online and it doesn't cost you anything. Find out how your deposits are insured

History of the bank

Interbanka a.s..


BAWAG Bank CZ a.s.


LBBW Bank CZ a.s.


Expobank CZ a.s.


We help where it makes sense

We are aware that there are people who have been less fortunate in life.

National Autism Institute

We finance a program of personal assistance and relief (respite) services for autistic individuals in the Czech Republic, where special attention is paid to children. Assistance is provided for persons accompanying children to and from school, extracurricular activities, hobbies, sports, and other leisure time activities.


Adventor is a civil society organization that provides multifaceted support to the Czech autistic community. Its services include therapy and counseling for autistic persons of all ages, participation in the legislative process, and the operation of a protected workshop, all of which is made possible by our contributions.

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

The PRSO is one of the most prominent and oldest Czech ensembles. Thanks to its imaginative programming and constantly improving artistic quality, the orchestra has built an excellent reputation on the domestic and international cultural scenes, as witnessed by frequent performances in concert halls worldwide.

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