Detailed overview of functionalities – Expobanking

Modern design and intuitive control

User interface of Expobanking is tailored for quick and easy work on both computer and mobile devices – whether smart phone or tablet.

All information at one place

On the main screen there is a complete overview of your accounts and history of last 8 transactions available to you. You can rename the accounts based on your preferences, display their detailed information or, with just one click, view a detailed transaction history. Directly from the main screen you can also make payment orders using ‘Smart payments’ or view the calendar of events on your accounts.

Easy payment orders

Execution of domestic and foreign payments including SEPA payments, standing orders and mandates for direct debit and SIPO are taken for granted. A very useful novelty is the Smart payment function which allows you to easily enter payments which have already been made in the past. Just as you search on the internet you can use the Smart payment function to find your past payments and re-enter them easily. Complicated templates are the past. If you plan to enter more payments, you can prepare them in advance and sign them all at once. Payments in CZK between your own account or accounts within the bank are processed within seconds. You can also see detailed overview of already entered payment orders and transactions.

Overview of accounts and transaction history

Overview of all your accounts and transaction history are available to you. The possibility of filtering and searching details of transactions, including the possibility of printing payment details in PDF or exporting them in xls and csv formats for further processing, is taken for granted. Account statements to each of your accounts can be downloaded in PDF format. Account statements are generated according to by you set frequency.

Easy management of payment cards

At one place you will find information about your payment cards, card transactions, overview of withdrawn limits including the possibility of PIN change and on-line card limits, blocking of cards, setting number for 3D Secure or change of address for the delivery of card.

Clear investment and loan information

Expobaning offers an overview of your investment products including the history of trading instructions (purchase, sell) and dividend and coupon payments available to you. On the loans site there is an overview of all your loan products including detailed information about e.g. pay-off status. If you need information about your investments or loans, you can easily apply for it through internet banking message.

Opening products and services on-line

With Expobanking, you can easily open current account, savings account or term deposit. You can easily cancel the product too. To lawyers and notaries we offer the possibility of on-line escrow account management including opening new accounts.

Setting of information reports

Setting the way in which you are informed about executed transactions on your accounts or payment cards has never been easier. Get an overview of movements on your account immediately either via e-mail or SMS.

Improved communication with the bank

Do you need some advice? Do you have a problem with a payment? Expobanking offers easy digital communication with the bank thanks to the possibility of sending messages with attachments.

Administration of users

Expobanking  offers an overview of users and their authorization in Expobanking with the possibility of changing them or creating a new user at any time.


In section Accounts & Deposits can be easily downloaded confirmations, e.g. Account balance confirmation, Account maintenance confirmation, etc.

Document archives

Agreements and other documents related to products and services opened through internet banking are stored in the document archives. This way you have all the contractual documentation always available.

Functions suitable especially for entrepreneurs and businesses

Besides standard functions, entrepreneurs, businesses, and others can make use of data export and import (transmission of data from accounting and back, placing batch payment orders), use combined multiple sign system for payment orders and authorize other users to have access to the account/s.

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