Souhlas s pořízením a uchováním fotokopie průkazu totožnosti

The Client expresses consent with the acquisition and preservation of photocopies of their identity card and additional required personal or other documents, which the Bank can use to verify the identification information of the Client. The Client takes note that the Bank is acquiring photocopies of the identity card for security reasons, to protect the interests of the Client and for their unambiguous identification. The Client declares they have familiarised themselves with the Information Memorandum containing a detailed description of the processing of personal data, which is available on the Bank’s website in the Disclaimer section, and are aware of all their rights associated with the processing of personal data. The Client consents to the Bank preserving photocopies of the identity card and the Client‘s identification/personal data contained therein for the period of time specified by the Act on Selected Measures against Legitimisation of Proceeds of Crime. For the purposes of this law the Bank may make copies or excerpts from the submitted documents and process such information to fulfil the purpose of the law.

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