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Unique security element in internet banking of BAWAG Bank!

31. 3. 2008

The bank has dramatically strengthened the security of its internet banking.

BAWAG Bank has improved its internet and electronic banking (BAWAG direct). The fundamental change is in the internet transaction protection against misuse.

In order to ensure the highest security level of all internet banking transactions, customer is now bound to enter a unique code for each transaction. This code is generated by a card and a card reader. A card means either standard chip payment card issued by BAWAG Bank, or, in case customer does not have a payment card, an Authorisation card for internet banking (issued free of charge). There is a special „e-code“application on the card chip. Authorisation card, card reader and internet banking are provided free of charge.

“If the PIN has not been revealed, the chip card reader combined with our card represents absolutely unprecedented security element on the Czech banking market. Communication between customer and the bank as well as between the bank and the verifier are secured and encrypted. There is only minimal (theoretic) risk of getting customers data in the form of fake bank web pages”, says Miroslav Celman, the Head of Electronic products department at BAWAG Bank.

The new BAWAG direct is absolutely independent from the internet explorer, used hardware or operating system. Because this chip card reader works without the need to be physically connected to a computer, customer can now feel free to use also any internet café and not to worry that his personal data might be misused.

Two types of card readers

Press release for download: pdf

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