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Consolidation of existing mortgages and loans

Take advantage of combining your loans into one mortgage.

  • Reduce your monthly expenses thanks to combining several debts into one.
  • No need to present your income statement - in case the applicant’s amortization history in the Credit Bureau Register has been in good standing for the past 8 months.
  • Long-term loan repayment period up to 30 years, general purpose loan up to 25 years.

Consolidation of existing mortgages and loans – IQ Mortgage MULTI

Mortgage Parameters

Maximum loan amount (LTV) 90 % of the collateral value of the property
Type of interest rate fixed
floating (only for consolidation of purpose specific loan)
Minimum loan value CZK 250,000
Maximum loan value CZK 12.5 million
Minimum repayment term 4 years
Maximum repayment term 30 years for consolidation of purpose specific loan
25 years for consolidation of general purpose loan
Fixed interest rate period 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20 years
Repayment In case of a fixed interest rate – monthly annuity instalments
In case of a floating interest rate – monthly linear instalments
Collateral A lien on a property located in the Czech Republic (Overview of accepted collateral)
Required Insurance Insurance of the mortgaged property
Current Account at Expobank Yes

LTV = the ratio of the loan and the property’s collateral value

Examples of using an IQ Mortgage MULTI

  • Consolidation of more mortgage loans for investment in real estate from banks and building societies into one.
  • Consolidation of more general purpose mortgages and consumer loans into one mortgage loan.

Who is a mortgage loan for?

  • Citizens of the Czech Republic or EU
  • Other foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic
  • Minimum 18 years old, no negative record in the Credit Bureau
  • Minimum monthly net income CZK 10,000
  • Current employment contract for at least 3 months, self-employed persons must have been conducting business for at least 2 years

Documents required

If the property is co-owned by spouses, a mortgage application must be made jointly by both spouses.
Additional documents may be required in case of non-standard income, loan purpose or collateral.

Mortgage repayment insurance

You can opt for one insurance plan:

  1. Payment protection against the inability to pay instalments due to death, third degree of disability and incapacity for work.
  2. Payment protection against the inability to pay instalments due to death, third degree of disability, incapacity for work and unemployment.

Available only for mortgages with fixed interest rate.

Additional information

Call 800 700 800 or visit any branch for more detailed information on mortgage loans.

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