Welcome to Expobank CZ a.s.

5 for 50 account

  • Great proportion of price of the account to used products and services.
  • The structure of the account can be changed freely according to your needs.
  • Withdrawals from any ATM in the Czech Republic for only CZK 6.50.

Basic products and services included in 5 for 50 account:

  • current account, incl. account statement sent by e-mail
  • 1 x SIPO (monthly)
  • all electronic standing payment orders within the bank
  • password for communication with our bank (for example, to obtain an account balance over the telephone)

Extra discount 0.1% p.a. from the mortgage loan interest rate.

Optional products and services. Choose five products!

  • Internet banking incl. SMS access
  • Embossed MasterCard Standard debit card *
  • a second debit card* for half price
  • advantageous interest rate of 0.25 % p.a.
  • five monthly outgoing domestic payments sent electronically in CZK**
  • four free direct debit transactions (monthly)
  • all incoming domestic payments in CZK free of charge
  • linking with Savings Account

* no card maintenance fee provided that the monthly volume of non-cash transactions is at minimum of CZK 5,000
** This service can be selected three times; each will be counted as one service.

Requirements for opening:

  • czech citizen or foreigner (physical person) with valid identification document
  • at least 18 years of age

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GBP 36.611 38.875

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February 27, 2015
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January 30, 2015
Change of the standard list of fees and commissions as of 1.4.2015
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