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Repo transactions

  • We offer trading investment instruments through repo transactions, which are credit transactions intended to increase the value of available funds or to obtain financing sources. These transactions involve a secured transfer of securities and are completed using the most liquid investment instruments traded on the world financial markets. Repo rate from 5,9 % p.a.
  • Considering that this way of trading involves considerable risks, we recommend this type of transactions only to customers who have extensive experience with trading investment instruments.
  • Before a contract on provision of these services is signed, a personal consultation between a customer and our specialist is necessary.

Get a loan for your investments with interest rate of 5,9 % p.a. only!

Repo operation is a transaction when you use a loan from a bank for the purchase of desired securities. The purchased securities transferred on the bank’s account serve as the collateral for your loan. We can provide you with a loan up to 70 % of finances required for the securities purchase. You use your own money for the remaining 30 %.

Repo Operation Principle

Purchase of securities for 100 in total (30 customer + 70 loan from a bank)

Repo operation principle

This example does not include interest rate cost

Repo transactions

Exchange Rate


Cash Purchase Sale

EUR 26.995 28.665

USD 23.814 25.287

GBP 35.706 37.914

exchange rate detail

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