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IQ Business Savings Account with Notice Period

Do you have surplus funds you do not need at the moment, or are you left with a certain sum on your business account every month, where the interest rate is low? Do you want to increase your funds using a risk-free, high-quality product? Take advantage of our IQ Business Savings Account offer, free of charge, with a one-month notice period in CZK or EUR.

What is an IQ Business Savings Account?

An IQ Business Savings Account is a product designed for all entrepreneurs and companies with a turnover of up to CZK 300 million. Any sum can be deposited in an IQ Business Savings Account, at any time. Deposit in cash, by a transfer of funds, or using a recurring payment order from a current account maintained at our bank or at another financial institution. All deposits are free of charge.

Advantages of an IQ Business Savings Account

  • No account maintenance fee
  • Special interest rate*
  • Interest credited monthly
  • Incoming domestic payments and CZK cash deposits free of charge**
  • Account access at all our branches
  • No need to have an current account with our bank (you do not have to change your bank)
  • Free Internet banking with information services (you will have account balance information available 24 hours a day)
  • Monthly account statements sent by mail or email free of charge

* Actual interest rates are announced in the Table of Interest Rates for Entrerpreneurs and Small Business on page 3
** Applies to savings accounts denominated in CZK.

Additional Information

  • The interest rate for an IQ Business Savings Account fluctuates depending on market conditions
  • Withdrawals from a Business Savings Account are subject to a one-month notice period; a penalty fee is charged for early withdrawals.

Requirements for opening an IQ Business Savings Account

Self-employed persons

  • One valid identification document
  • Extract from the Trade Licensing Register, which is not older than three months, or
  • Business license in the form of a certificate of membership in a professional association
  • Certificate confirming the allocation of an Identification Number issued by the Czech Statistical Office (if the business license does not contain information verifying the Identification Number)

Self-employed persons registered in the Commercial Register and legal entities

  • One valid identification document identifying the self-employed person or the statutory representative
  • Certificate of incorporation issued by the Commercial Register, which is not older than three months

Authorized persons

  • One valid identification document

Note: An identification document is a personal identification card or a passport; foreigners must present a passport with (i) valid long-term visa or (ii) valid residency permit

More Resources

Call 800 700 800, or visit any branch, for detailed information about the IQ Business Savings Account.

IQ Business Savings Account with Notice Period

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